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At Nèsoi Villas Naxos, we want to make you feel the Greek hospitality experience by offering you personalized services upon request. For any service you are interested in, let us know when you book so that it is ready upon your arrival.

Vehicle Rental

Naxos is a large island with many historical monuments, churches, statues, museums, and attractions, organized and non-organized isolated beaches as well as traditional villages to explore. If you wish to discover some of the island’s treasures or you wish adventurous summer vacation, let us know during the reservation request process, that you wish a car or moto and we will send a list of options along with prices to choose from. The requested car or moto can be waiting for you either at the accommodation or at the airport / port upon arrival.


“A good breakfast is the start of a good day”, they say and this is no exception when on vacation. The sun has risen, the weather is great so switch on your vacation mood too. Naxos due to its local products has a variety of out of this world tastes such as eggs, fresh juice, local cheese, butter, milk and other local traditional goods. If you wish to enjoy a breakfast with your family or your beloved one and lift off your sensations, let us know during the reservation request process, and breakfasts will be waiting for you at the open-space table based on your desires!

Romantic Dinner

Naxos is a notable gastronomic place in the Cyclades. The balanced combination of environment with the ripe soil, allows Naxians to make their own products of choice taste and quality. These locally produced products are then ready to excite each guest of the Island who wishes to taste the Naxian culinary practice. If you want to taste the local products at the villa or you think of a memorable proposal to your beloved one or celebrate your anniversary/honeymoon with a romantic dinner with premium wine or specialized digestive cocktails let us know during the reservation request process so that we can organize it for you based on your desires. 

Land and Sea Activities

Naxos is a large island and due to its nature can host lots of activities that some are performed during the whole year. Activities such as:

  • Hiking/trekking
  • Biking
  • Horse-riding
  • Snorkeling/Swimming
  • Diving
  • Wind and Kite surfing
  • and more.

We can help you organize such activities with experts If you wish to enjoy your vacation. No equipment is required on your side, just let us know during the reservation request process, the activity that you wish and we will send information about the availability, pricing etc.

Cultural Events

At Naxos island a variety of religious and cultural events are performed throughout the year and the majority of them take place during the tourism season and are popular with both Greek and international visitors. The majority of religious celebrations take place in the villages, and usually festive a local saint. 

Cultural festivals, on the other hand, are artistic events that can include any form of art. Music and painting, on the other hand, are the most celebrated arts in this case.

Land and Sea Tours

Naxos has numerous magical locations that you should visit during your vacation. Some locations can be visited either by car or tour guide with private bus and some locations can be visited by renting a daily trip with boat. We recommend performing both. Visit Rina Cave & Koufonissia islands and Small Cyclades, enjoy local food as lunch during your trip if you wish, swim in the crystal clear and blue waters or ride a car and drive all the monuments, sights and villages of the island. See traditional villages, potteries, etc. If you wish to get on a boat or ride a car/rent a tour with bus, just let us know during the reservation request process, the activity that you wish and we will send information about the availability, pricing etc. 

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